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Bachelor of Arts

Elementary Education

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An important part of training Christian workers today is training teachers for Christian day schools and for teaching in the program of the local church. Our Education Program provides coursework for students meeting the requirements of our on-campus Educational Program. Education majors will be expected to have completed real classroom experiences in a classroom setting in their own locale before being granted a degree.
  1. The student will demonstrate a life of maturity in their spiritual, intellectual, and social growth by being sensitive and responsive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.
  2. The student will be able to explain the Biblical and philosophical basis for Christian education.
  3. The student will portray a true Christian worldview while seeking to integrate all truth with the Word of God.
  4. The student will acquire teaching skills through methods courses, practicum experiences, and student teaching.
  5. The student will possess a framework of professional attitudes, skills, knowledge, and understanding necessary to serve in the ministry of Christian teaching.
  6. The student will apply teaching methods with respect to grade level (age) characteristics within a Christian school atmosphere.

Total hours – 129 hours

  • Bible (30 hours)
    • Old Testament Survey
    • New Testament Survey
    • Pentateuch
    • Gospels (Life of Christ)
    • Acts
    • Romans
    • Theology of Holiness
    • Foundations of Faith
    • Bible Electives
  • General Education 45 hours
    • English Composition
    • Rhetoric and Research
    • History of Western Civilization I or II
    • Lifespan Development
    • Introduction to Philosophy
    • General Psychology
    • Public Speaking
    • Fine Arts: (Music, Art, etc.)
    • Social Studies Elective
    • Literature Elective
    • Math Elective
    • Science Elective
    • Evangelism
    • Electives
  • Professional Education (27 hours)
    • Foundations of Education
    • Fundamentals of Education
    • Materials and Methods
    • Teaching Bible
    • Audio Visuals
    • Educational Psychology
    • Intro to Special Education
    • Supervised Student Teaching
  • Elementary Education (27 hours)
    • Teaching Language Arts in Elementary Schools
    • Teaching Science in Elementary Schools
    • Teaching Health and Physical Education
    • Teaching Music in Elementary Schools
    • Teaching Arithmetic in Elementary Schools
    • Teaching Reading
    • Teaching Arts & Crafts in Elementary Schools
    • Teaching Social Studies in Elementary Schools
    • Children’s Literature
  • Non-Credit Practical Experience
    • Classroom Observation I, II
    • Assistant Teacher I, II
  • Optional Minor (18 hours)

Online education degree programs at Hobe Sound Bible College do not contain a state teacher licensure track.  Only on-campus education degree programs contain a Florida State Licensure track.

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