Mission & Purpose

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Our Mission and Purpose

Realizing that successful ministry involves building a broad base of skills for dealing with the complex interactions necessary in meeting the diverse needs of individuals, Hobe Sound Bible College has designed a curriculum with the whole person in mind, addressing the four-dimensional nature of our needs and our ministry capabilities. These areas include the following:

Biblically, the curriculum provides a working knowledge of Bible content and provides students with an understanding of the principle doctrines of Scripture with an emphasis on the Wesleyan-Arminian system of Biblical theology.

Intellectually, the curriculum brings together courses that are designed to improve the student’s general education and provide the necessary preparation for practical Christian ministry. Flexibility in the program permits the student to select electives that will fit into his or her personal calling.

Individually, the curriculum is designed to promote the student’s spiritual development and encourage his/her personal commitment to the transforming power of Jesus Christ so that he/she may respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit and be led into God’s complete will for his/her life.

Socially, the curriculum enables the student to develop a Christian worldview from a foundation of truth that has its source in God’s Word. The objective is to help students resist the “spirit of the world” while responding to the leading of the Holy Spirit so that they may be effective witnesses “in Judea and in Samaria and unto the uttermost parts of the world.”

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