Graduation Requirements

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Graduation Requirements

Graduation is the anticipated goal of our educational program.  As such, the student may wish to know the basic requirements for graduation to be able to make plans accordingly.


Criteria for Graduation

 To be eligible for graduation, the student must meet the following criteria.

 Each degree program has its own particular requirements as to specific courses taken and total number of hours to be completed.  These requirements must be met in their entirety, including any internships, practicums, or student teaching.

  1. The student must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 or above in order to be a candidate for graduation.

  2. The student will have completed at least 30 hours through Hobe Sound Bible College, as well as having completed the final 30 hours of the program under the direction of Hobe Sound Bible College. 

  3. A student will be expected to complete Christian Service credits in which students are doing active Christian service along with their course work.    For the baccalaureate degree this will involve 7 credits in Christian Service; for the Associate degree there will be 3 credits of Christian Service; and for a Certificate there will be 1 hour of Christian Service.  One credit is given for one semester (or its equivalent) of acceptable weekly or otherwise consistent ministry. 

  4. Because our degree program is based on preparation for Christian ministry, it is expected by the completion of the coursework that the student will exemplify in his/her personal life those qualities that distinguish a Christian leader. 

  5. All financial obligations must be met. 

Degree Completion Time Frame

 Once a person enters a program it is understood that there will be steady progress in completing the degree.  However, sometimes students may have unforeseen events interrupting their education.  Changes in jobs, physical difficulties, or other situations may cause a student to withdraw temporarily from taking classes.  If a person has an interruption that keeps him/her out of class for two years or more, the student must re-apply for their desired program of study.  School records must be updated and any degree changes will be considered.

 Since school programs are periodically reviewed and updated, a student re-applying will need to come under any newly revised programs which may mean they may have to take some additional required classes.

Graduation Ceremony

Graduating seniors are invited to participate in the on-campus graduation program.  This occurs in May at the end of the Spring Semester.  There is only one graduation ceremony during the year so even if a student completes a degree in the summer or fall, the graduation of their degree will be in May.

Students needing a diploma before the May graduation may request to receive their diploma in December, but they will still be listed on the program in the May graduation.

Students coming to the graduation ceremony are requested to follow the dress guidelines for the on-campus students.


  Honors may be received for students in our distance education program.  Requirements for eligibility include:

 A.  The student must complete at least 60 semester hours at Hobe Sound Bible College. 

 B.  The student must have been enrolled full-time for five semesters.

 C.  The student must have a grade- point average of 3.45 or higher on a 4 point scale.

Three levels of honors are awarded:

 A.  Cum Laude—Grade average of at least 3.45

 B.  Magna Cum Laude—Grade average of at least 3.65 with no grade below a C

 C.  Summa Cum Laude—Grade average of at least 3.85 with no grade below a B

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